Monday, April 05, 2004
Another Sleep disturbed nite.

After thinking that Ben was getting into a pattern of one nite disturbed, next nite aleep thru. Last nite he woke again, so much for that theory then. He woke up at 11.50pm and i tried really hard to stay in his room and put him back to bed but he was having none of it. So after giving him some medicine for his teeth i brought him in with me again and it took him around two hours of fidgeting and wriggling to get back to sleep. I put him back in his own bed at 3.30am after we had both been asleep for around an hour. BOo HOO. I know that some people have worse times with their babies, and i know other people have to go to work in the day but having had a great time sleep wise for so long it is hard to then be faced with reduced sleep.

Rant over.

I have been looking at some of the other Blogs and boy do they look professional, i only know how to get on and post these things not add stuff like piccies and bits.

Took Ben the dentist this morning, what a waste of time that was, had to be there for 9am, which is normally not a problem, but Ben didn't wake up until nearly 8 and we had to get ready and breakfasted in 50 mins, no mean feat. Anyway, got to the dentist and he didn't even take us in the room, just checked Ben's teetha nd gum in the bloody waiting room, maybe it was to aviod any tears and tantrums from Ben but i think he would've liked the room as it was all new. He said his gums bleeding and blistering is called eruptions and can be normal however isn't very common. On the whole nothing to worry about. I did expect a bit more from him though, even if it was just to ask whether i brush Ben's teeth.

Trying to decide what to do today, Ben is asleep at the mo and then i tihnk we will have lunch but after that i am undecided, maybe go window shopping or to go an collect my winnings from the grand national from saturday.
Sunday, April 04, 2004
First Post. Oh. My. God.

Well hello out there in tellytubbie land. Oops sorry too much kids tv. Not that I let my son watch TV all day that is oh no.
anyway a bit about me then. 33 yrs old, married with one boy, Ben aged 14 months and currently not sleeping very well. I am a full time mum who is taking a career break from a degree course in film studies. Finding it difficult sometimes as I am slowly losing all sense of who I was before being Ben's mum.

Anyway glad I created this just hope I remember all the passwords etc to update again soon.

I promise I will have a lot more to say next posting, but can't promise it will be that interesting.

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